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Quiz corner was developed to keep us sharp. The correct answers are available by clicking on the answers button. To access our 6 comprehensive CHT practice exams, which are updated yearly, and provide you detailed explanations and references CLICK HERE.

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Test Your Knowledge 66 - 12/9/2015 Answers
1. What artery is the primary blood source to the scaphoid?
a. ulnar
b. radial
c. Both of these supply equally
c. Neither of these supply the scaphoid
2. A scaphoid is considered displaced if it has as LITTLE as how many mm of displacement?
a. 1 mm
b. 2 mm
c. 3 mm
d. 4 mm
3. Which scaphoid fracture has the propensity to develop a non-union?
a. distal pole
b. central body
c. proximal pole
d. none of the above
4. What is the most common carpal instability pattern in the wrist?+
a. ST
b. LT
c. SL
d. they are equally common
5. What test is commonly used to assess an SL carpal instability?
a. Kleinman shear test
b. Watons shift test
c. Linscheid
d. all of the above are used
6. What fracture occurs due to direct injury to the hypothenar region?
a. Hamate body fracture
b. Triquetrum fracture
c. Hook of the Hamate fracture
d. None of the above
7. What is the preferred treatment for hook of the hamate fracture?
a. excision
c. Plates
d. k-wire
8. Which metacarpal head is most frequently fractured?
a. small
b. ring
c. middle
d. index
9. What is the most commonly injured carpometacarpal joint?
a. index
b. middle
c. ring
d. small
10. A reverse Bennett's fracture affects what digit?
a. thumb
b. middle
c. ring
d. index
e. small
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