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Quiz corner was developed to keep us sharp. The correct answers are available by clicking on the answers button. To access our 6 comprehensive CHT practice exams, which are updated yearly, and provide you detailed explanations and references CLICK HERE.

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Test Your Knowledge 50 - 1/10/2012 Answers
1. What is a nontraumatic , painless PIP joint flexion contracture that is usually progressive and most commonly involves the small finger?
a. campdacttly
b. windblown hand
c. arthrogryposis
c. kirner's deformity
2. A benign, slow-growing tumor that arises within nerve fascicles and contains schwann cerlls, fibroblasts, and perineural cells.
a. sarcoma
b. glomus tumor
c. hemangioma
d. neurofibroma
3. How common are primary bone tumors in the hand and wrist
a. 90%
b. 50%
c. 25%
d. 5%
4. What is the most common location for an enchondroma of the hand?
a. distal phalanx
b. middle phalanx
c. proximal phalanx
d. first CMC
5. How long should a surgeon wait to consider performing a tendon transfer following a peripheral nerve repair?
a. 2 weeks
b. 6 weeks
c. 3 months
d. 6 months
6. A secondary repair of a nerve is performed more than how many days after injury?
a. same day
b. next day
c. after 7 days
d. secondary repair is not available for nerves
7. What is the daily rate for axonal regeneration?
a. 1-2 mm/day
b. 3-4mm/day
c. 5-6mm/day
d. 7 plus a day
8. Which is NOT a physical sign of inflammation
a. erythema
b. edema
c. pain
d. all of the above are signs
9. A disruption to the terminal slip of the extensor mechanism of the finger is termed:
a. boutonniere
b. mallet finger
c. swan neck
d. EDM tendonitis
10. How many pulleys does the thumb have?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
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