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Quiz corner was developed to keep us sharp. The correct answers are available by clicking on the answers button. To access our 6 comprehensive CHT practice exams, which are updated yearly, and provide you detailed explanations and references CLICK HERE.

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Test Your Knowledge 27 - 6/23/2009 Answers
1. What test places the patient's arm at the mid axial point with the elbow at 90 and the palms forward. The arm is then raised to horizontal and the patient's pulse is noted as to loss of pulse and when and where it was lost?
a. Wright's
b. Halsted
c. Hunter's
d. Adson's
2. Thickening of the pulley and hourglass enlargement is consistent with Trigger Finger and stenosis most commonly at which pulley?
a. A2
b. A1
c. A3
d. A4
3. The fingers will be unable to flex as much with the wrist in flexion than when wrist is extended in
a. joint capusular tightness
b. extrinsic flexor tightness
c. intrinsic tightness
d. tightness of extrinsic extensors
4. Which function of the sympathetic fibers are concerned with the "gooseflesh" response
a. vasomotor
b. sudomotor
c. pilomotor
d. trophic
5. An acute partial or second degree burn is an example of a:
a. black wound
b. red wound
c. yellow wound
d. a and b
6. The wrist flexors and extensors mostly insert into the
a. carpals
b. metacarpals
c. radius and ulna
d. metacarpals and radius
7. The smallest monofilament to detect diminished protective sensation is
a. 4.31
b. 3.94
c. 3.84
d. 4.65
8. This nerve is injured upon insensibility over the lateral aspect of the forearm
a. musculotaneous nerve/lat. antebrachial cutaneous
b. posterior interosseous
c. AIN
d. none of the above
9. Axillary n. innervates
a. teres major and deltoid
b. serratus anterior
c. deltoid
d. deltoid and teres minor
10. The long thoracic nerve, which innervates the serratus anterior, comes off:
a. C5, 6
b. C5, 6, 7
c. C5, 6, 7, 8
d. none of the above
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