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LIMITED time: Brachial Plexus Lab included FREE! HOT off the press and UPDATED- WOW!!! SAVE now with this PACKAGE DEAL when preparing for the CHTŪ - hand therapy certification exam. The materials from Exploring Hand Therapy are rated as top study resources on the HTCC exam prep survey. Add on the 4th edition of the famous purple book for a discount! (This is the #1 top rated book for studying for the exam) This package retails when bought individually from our site for over $1,600 -. Exploring Hand Therapy has the preparation products you have been looking for. To help you prepare for the hand therapy certification exam. This package is the only comprehensive package available to assist in your preparation. But don't take our word; take the unsolicited advice from your colleagues: Includes 3 Practice exams (we have 6) each has answer, explanation and updated reference. NOTE: You can take each exam up to 3X and each is good for 6 months. All other content has a year to access. Course licenture available for groups and institutions.

CEUs: 6.775 ONLINE
Contact Hours: 67.75 UPDATED for 2019

LIMITED time: Brachial Plexus Lab included FREE

Each Question has answer, explanation and reference

Each exam is 200 questions and covers a wide variety of hand therapy topics that are on the CHT exam based on the HTCC blueprint.

Each question is supported with an explanation and a current reference so you can examine weak areas.

UPDATED yearly by recent CHTs

No hidden fees and priced so you can afford to prepare

Basics and Beyond in packed with POP quizzes to enhance your learning!

Click on course title for description and course details for any of the listed classes

  • I just wanted to say thank you for your invaluable study materials. From the purple book to Basics and Beyond to the Practice Exams, your materials played an important role in my successful CHT exam prep. Thank you for producing such high quality and affordable continuing education products.
  • I used the "purple book" in addition to the Basics and Beyond CHT study prep package as my main study sources for the CHT exam. I feel like they complement each other really well, and I love how the "purple book" is organized in question/answer format. I am proud to say that I passed the exam on my first attempt, and I truly feel as though these materials helped it happen!
  • CHT test is the "The Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 3rd edition, (The Purple Book). The PB is up-to-date with current relevant information, excellent illustrations and photographs with comprehensive and easy to understand content in a question/answer format. As an adjunct to the purple book, the Basics and Beyond online programs are excellent tools to not only sharpen your CHT knowledge base but will help give you the competitive edge in the critical reasoning skills imperative in passing the exam. Practice tests are an important component of the CHT preparatory process.
  • This is all I needed to pass the exam - Bless you both for creating this material.
  • Dear Susan Studying for the CHT test is such a monumental undertaking. Where do you begin? Well thank God for Exploring Hand Therapy! Your practices tests were crucial to helping me learn the material Quickly and easily. The Purple Book was a perfection in that you made the material tangible and flow.My heartfelt thanks. It was the hardest test I've taken but your book and website were crucial in helping me pass's Maribel Cuevas MS OTR/L, CHT!!
  • I am so grateful. I only purchased materials from Exploring Hand Therapy, including the Purple Book and several practice exams. I made notecards for every chapter and did all of your online quizzes. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions via email. You and your company have been such a blessing to me. Congrats on the 4th Edition!!
  • Exploring Hand Therapy CHT packet provided me with a strong foundation. Setting out to obtain your CHT credentials can be overwhelming. It is difficult even deciding where to start. The courses worked as a framework that I then correlated with the purple book. I loved the pop quizzes throughout the courses and the main course quiz at the end. The online practice exams were critical in my CHT success. The customer service provided by Exploring Hand Therapy was top notch!
  • First of all, I would like to give you all a huge thanks for helping me to pass the CHT exam this year!! I used your Basics and Beyond as well as the "purple book" and felt very prepared. The practice tests were also well worth the money. Nicole Yates OTR/L CHT Nicole Yates OTR/L CHT
  • Basics and Beyond was instrumental in preparing for the CHT exam. It was the clencher that put everything into an intrinsic learning experience. Thank you for your ingenious work. Velma Garza, OTR,CHT
  • Let me take the time to thank you for contributing an outstanding website with valuable information, courses, practice online exams and books for purchase. I consider you my mentors through my journey to finally decide to sit for the CHT exam. Even with my hands on experiences, CHT colleagues and other CEUs in my career, I felt the most confident and prepared with www.handtherapy.com.
  • An excellent course. Very informative, professional & thorough. Donna Baer OTR/L
  • Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. I found this course to be very helpful and practical for use in the clinic. I was able to apply what I learned immediately. Very well done. Great presentation. Very easy to follow. Very comprehensive. It was exactly what I needed and much more than I expected. Debra Francis, OTR/L
  • I may never have to buy another textbook! The resource I am building with this course is incredible! Your outlines are so, so understandable and have uncovered some mysteries for me. This course has the content of 10 typical ctg ed courses. Awesome web ref's on the individual nerves. You guys should be so proud of your work." Lynn
  • I am using the course to study for the CHT exam. It is a lot of information. "Comprehensive" is an understatement. The course is well worth the money. Thanks! Debra Francis, OTR/L
  • I just found out a few minutes ago that I passed the CHT exam. Thank you so much for all the wonderful courses and books. I KNOW that is why I was able to pass with my first attempt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gotta go celebrate now! Annie McKittrick Crary, OTR/L CHT
  • Basics and Beyond was definitely the most helpful study resource for me...no question about it! Sara M. Sipple OTR/L CHT
  • Thanks to Exploring Hand Therapy website and club! Your materials, advice, and input on all my questions were invaluable!!! I passed the CHT exam and couldn't be happier!!!! Pam Karp
  • This is hands down all you need to pass the CHT test. I took lots of other materials and nothing compared to this. Don't waste your time studying with some of the other resources out there.
  • I felt that the practice exams helped me a lot and allowed me to not be nervous while taking the exam.
  • Dear Susan: Thank you for all your support and extremely thorough CHT practice exams as I PASSED!! Your detailed questions coupled with rationales for correct answers helped me identify areas for further study. The practice exam process was empowering and educational. Your customer support is amazing! Thank you again, Cheryl Pagel, MS OTR/L CHT
  • Just wanted to let you know I passed the CHT exam. I have no doubt that the online study materials and the purple book I purchased through you were instrumental in helping make it happen. Thank you very much for putting out such a good product. Kris Nelson, MPT, CHT
  • Etc. Etc. Etc!

    The Promo Pack includes the following:

    Basics and Beyond ® Anatomy of the Upper Extremity

    Basics and Beyond ® Burns, Flaps, and Grafts

    Basics and Beyond ® CRPS

    Basics and Beyond ® Dupuytren's Disease

    Basics and Beyond ® Elbow

    Basics and Beyond ® Ergonomics for the Office Workstation

    Basics and Beyond ® Evaluation

    Basics and Beyond ® Flexor and Extensor Tendons

    Basics and Beyond ® Fractures of the UE

    Basics and Beyond ® Neuroanatomy and Sensory Re-education of the UE

    Basics and Beyond ® OA/RA

    Basics and Beyond ® Orthotic Fabrication

    Basics and Beyond ® Physical Agent Modalities

    Basics and Beyond ® Professional Practice Management

    Basics and Beyond ® Repetitive Strain Injury

    Basics and Beyond ® Shoulder

    Basics and Beyond ® The Stiff Hand

    Basics and Beyond ® Traumatic Hand

    Basics and Beyond ® Wounds

    Basics and Beyond ® Wrist

    CADAVER Shoulder/Brachial Plexus: A Spine Tingling Cadaver Dissection

    Cervical Spine: The Physicians Approach to Differential Diagnosis!

    Hand Club

    Practice Exam (1)

    Practice Exam (3)

    Practice Exam (5)

    Qty Discount Available with this item. Click Here for details.

    Price: $799.95 Purchase Now >>


    Thanks to Nancy and Susun, and the Exploring Hand Therapy website and club! Your materials, advice, and input on all my questions were invaluable!!! I passed the CHT exam and couldn't be happier!!!! Pam Karp
    Pam Karp OTR CHT      
    Thanks for the quick reply Nancy. you more than answered my question. This was the first question I posted to the Hand club as I am studying away for the exam. I am very impressed with the quick reply. Thanks again jodi
    The practice exam was very helpful in showing me what areas I need to work more on in preparing for the CHT exam. It's a good learning tool. Thanks
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