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Our courses, books and packages are listed below. You will be taken to the liveconferences.com site for details and to purchase.
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101 Creative Therapy Ideas
Arthritis OA: Updates and Innovations
Arthritis RA: Updates and Innovations
Basics and Beyond ® Anatomy of the Upper Extremity
Basics and Beyond ® Burns, Flaps, and Grafts
Basics and Beyond ® CRPS
Basics and Beyond ® Dupuytren's Disease
Basics and Beyond ® Elbow
Basics and Beyond ® Ergonomics for the Office Workstation
Basics and Beyond ® Evaluation
Basics and Beyond ® Flexor and Extensor Tendons
Basics and Beyond ® Fractures of the UE
Basics and Beyond ® Neuroanatomy and Sensory Re-education of the UE
Basics and Beyond ® OA/RA
Basics and Beyond ® Orthotic Fabrication
Basics and Beyond ® Physical Agent Modalities
Basics and Beyond ® Professional Practice Management
Basics and Beyond ® Repetitive Strain Injury
Basics and Beyond ® Shoulder
Basics and Beyond ® The Stiff Hand
Basics and Beyond ® Traumatic Hand
Basics and Beyond ® Wounds
Basics and Beyond ® Wrist
Bike Riding Assessment and Creative Marketing
Congenital Deformities of the Upper Extremity: A Journey Uncovered
Cupping Basics and Beyond
Dementia and Beyond: The Forgotten Face
Distal Radius: An Evidenced Based Approach to Intervention with Bonus Printable Protocols and Videos
Functional Cast Therapy for the Upper Extremity
L-Codes: Soup to Nuts
Medical Errors: Grave Mistakes - Occupational Therapy
Pain: What's My Brain Got To Do With It?
Pain: What's My Brain Got To Do With It? Part 2 Treatment
Posture Busters: Skip the Slouch
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part A
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part B
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part C
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part D
Stomp Out Stiffness
To Pay or Deny? That is the Question: A guide to best documentation practices
Why Words Fail in People with Dementia
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