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Our courses, books and packages are listed below. You will be taken to the liveconferences.com site for details and to purchase.
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All About the Thumb CMCJ Osteoarthritis
Arthroplasty of the Upper Extremity Bring on the New Joints
Assistants & Techs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Brachial Plexus: Secrets of Treating TOS
Burns: Stop, Drop and Rehab
CADAVER Anatomy Review Forearm and Elbow - Cadaver Dissection and Beyond
CADAVER Anatomy Hand Dissection: Making The Complex Simple
CADAVER Shoulder/Brachial Plexus: A Spine Tingling Cadaver Dissection
Cervical Spine Exam: The Physicians Approach To Differential Diagnosis
CMMS and WALANT: Flexor Tendon Repairs Secrets Revealed
CRPS: Updates in Therapist Management
Cumulative Trauma Disorders: An Evidenced-Based Approach
Cupping Basics and Beyond
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 1
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 2
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 3
Dupuytrens Disease: Advances and Updates in Treatment
Edema Management: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Elbow: An Evidenced Based Approach to Effective Rehabilitation
Exercise : Alternative Medicine
Hand Therapy Boot Camp
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 1
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 2
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 3
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 4
Joint Mobilization of the Upper Extremity
Just Breathe 101 Part 1: Biomechanics of the Region
Just Breathe 101 Part 2: Function of Respiration
Just Breathe 101 Part 3 Physiology of Respiration
Just Breathe 101 Part 4: Altered Breathing Patterns and Somatic Dysfunction
Just Breathe 101 Part 5: Altered Breathing Patterns and the Effects on the Spine and Trunk
Just Breathe 101 Part 6: Sleep Apnea
Just Breathe 101 Part 7: Breathing Retraining Theories
Kinesiology Tape: Myths and Myth-busters
LASER: The Healing Power of Light
Lateral Epicondylitis: The Therapists Approach to Conquering Pain
MCP Arthroplasty: New Knuckles? Or an Expensive Flyswatter!
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Motor Imagery Program
Myofascial Therapy with Emphasis on Trigger Points
Neurodynamics of the Upper Extremity Evaluation and Treatment Strategies : Itís Not Just About The Hand
OA: Tips, Tricks, and Trivia
Office Ergonomics
Orthotics: Creative Mobilization Splinting- Dynamic & Static Progressive Splinting (SPS)
Recipe for Well-Being for Health Professionals and their Clients: An Evidence Based Approach
RSD/CRPS The Physicians and Therapists Approach to Comprehensive Evaluation and Management
Shoulder Pathology: A Detailed Approach to Examination and Treatment
Spanish: Easy Spanish For Rehabilitation Professionals
Stroke: Pathophysiology - New Advances in Treatment
Tai Chi: Flow into Function
Telehealth: Demystified
Teletherapy for the Upper Extremity Specialist
Therapeutic Exercises: An Upper Extremity Regime
Wound Care for the Hand Specialist: Heal em up Quickly!
Wrist Secrets Part 1
Wrist Secrets Part 2
Wrist Secrets Part 3
X-Ray Vision for the Therapist: I've Got You Under my Skin.
Yoga: Creative Clinical Wisdoms
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