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Basics & Beyond
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The Basics & Beyond is an interactive digital online learning has been completely updated with content, photos, and the BRAIN GAME quizzes through each chapter. This is a great review course for CHTs looking to obtain CE hours which will apply for category A renewal for an amazing price. This 67.75 AOTA approved CE course has been rated by HTCC test takers as one of the most popular preparation courses for the CHT exam. Earn 67.75 credit hours! Under $9.00 per credit hour.

CEUs: 6.775 Earn 67.75 hours
Contact Hours: 67 Under $9.00 per credit hour

  • Click on course title for description and course details
  • CE hours vary per state
  • Course designed based on the HTCC blueprint.

    The package includes the following:

    Basics and Beyond ® Anatomy of the Upper Extremity

    Basics and Beyond ® Burns, Flaps, and Grafts

    Basics and Beyond ® CRPS

    Basics and Beyond ® Dupuytren's Disease

    Basics and Beyond ® Elbow

    Basics and Beyond ® Ergonomics for the Office Workstation

    Basics and Beyond ® Evaluation

    Basics and Beyond ® Flexor and Extensor Tendons

    Basics and Beyond ® Fractures of the UE

    Basics and Beyond ® Neuroanatomy and Sensory Re-education of the UE

    Basics and Beyond ® OA/RA

    Basics and Beyond ® Orthotic Fabrication

    Basics and Beyond ® Physical Agent Modalities

    Basics and Beyond ® Professional Practice Management

    Basics and Beyond ® Repetitive Strain Injury

    Basics and Beyond ® Shoulder

    Basics and Beyond ® The Stiff Hand

    Basics and Beyond ® Traumatic Hand

    Basics and Beyond ® Wounds

    Basics and Beyond ® Wrist

    Price: $599.99 Purchase Now >>


    Excellent study course
    Dennis Basalo    dennbas@yahoo.com  
    NEW format is amazing and so easy to follow! Love the series
    Just wanted to let you know I passed the CHT exam. I have no doubt that the online study materials and the purple book I purchased through you were instrumental in helping make it happen. Thank you very much for putting out such a good product. Kris Nelson, MPT, CHT
    Kris Nelson      
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